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Haircut $25

Basic haircut includes everything from a buzz cut, all the way around to a gentlemen’s scissor cut.

Advanced Haircut $30

Advanced haircut includes bald skin fades, high bald fades, low bald fades, and anything with a hard part line added. Also may include a basic haircut with sharply detailed lineups.

Neck Clean $5

Neck clean includes the neck line to be shaped into a desired look with straight razor finish

Kids Cuts $20

12 or younger

Design Starting at $10

Designs are to be priced in consultation of specific barber in shop.

Hot Towel Shave $40

Includes a warm lather and hot towel experience and are finished off with a straight razor shave which includes but are not limited to any beard design you prefer , or completely clean cut.

Basic Beard Trim w/ Straight Razor $15

Basic beard trim includes any line up on your beard with a razor and removing bulk from beard lengths.

Advanced Beard Trim w/ Straight Razor $20

Advanced beard trim includes razor-sharp line-up, de-bulking of beard length, and precision shaping and styling on beard length. Any beard resembling a lumberjack will need an advanced beard trim.

Shape Up w/ Straight Razor $10

Includes a straight razor finish around the whole head and back of neck.

Kids Skin Fade $25

Skin Fade for 12 or younger